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04 May 2010 - Press Releases

Karus Therapeutics secures further financing

Innovative pharmaceutical company Karus Therapeutics Ltd has today announced the closing of a £0.7 million financing. Investors include IP Venture Fund, Esperante, Drummond Paris and a number of existing and new Business Angels. The investment will be used to advance the development of Karus’s KAR2581 HDAC inhibitor and first‐in‐class drugs that selectively and potently target HDAC‐6 (KAR3000) and PI3‐Kinase p110β/p110δ (KAR4000). The company is focused on the development of these drugs to treat inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriasis and organ transplant rejection. With this investment, Karus will confirm the clinical candidates in it’s KAR2581, 3000 & 4000 programs and substantiate their potential as breakthrough treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases.

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18 February 2010 - Press Releases

Karus develops new family of HDAC-6 selective inhibitors

Karus Therapeutics Ltd, a company engaged in the discovery and development of molecular-targeted drugs to treat inflammation and cancer, announced today it had extended its HDAC drug discovery programme to include small molecules that selectively inhibit HDAC-6, a target of emerging importance in the treatment of immune-inflammatory disorders.

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